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About This Initiative.

While many projects require public engagement processes, time and time again it seems people won't hear about major community decisions until after they have been voted on. In an effort to promote meaningful public engagement within our community, 

My Duluth will compile current opportunities for Duluthians to make their voices heard in one convenient place. Our city is full of individuals who care. Getting people to care is not our challenge, but by making it easier for people to act on those things which they care deeply about, we hope to build a stronger community in more ways than one. Change happens when people take ownership over the places they live. 


The built environment of our city decides where we live, how we get around, and impacts our quality of life. Shouldn't those decisions be up to us? 

Speak Up! The Following Projects Are Seeking Public Input 
Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Pedestrian Plan
Help ensure that walking is a safe, convenient and desirable 
transportation option for people of all ages and abilities throughout the Twin Ports.
Twin Ports
Help enhance traffic safety and mitigate neighborhood impacts by rethinking the "Can of Worms" interchange.
Duluth Citizens Climate Action Plan
Help create a process for citizens to identify, prioritize, and implement actions to reach climate goals
Blatnik Bridge
Provide your thoughts on the future of Duluth's primary connection with Superior, the Blatnik Bridge.

Join a Panel!

Many projects will have a small group of citizens act as a consulting body

during project planning, but there is no formal process for ensuring these groups are actually representative of the community. In an effort to ensure more diversity and representation in these groups, we want to build a list of community members who are interested in providing feedback in a more engaged role. Simply fill out some information about yourself and what you are interested in, and we will send your info to any relevant groups.

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