Seeing Is Believing

Visualizing The Highway 61 Revisited Project

Call For Artists:

As part of the Highway 61 Revisited project, with support from 8 80 Cities and the Knight Foundation, The Duluth Waterfront Collective is looking for four artists to create visualizations of our concept for a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient downtown Duluth. By creating high-quality visual works, our goal is to support local artists, spread awareness about the idea, and inspire the public to get involved. When it comes to creating a better vision for the future, sometimes seeing is believing

Artists will assist in creating before-and-after views of locations within our outlined project area. The submission package should include a "before" photo of the artist's chosen location along with a written description of what the "after" rendering will include, using Highway 61 Revisited's goals and concept.

Once we have selected the artists, we will provide a wireframe sketch of the submitted view using our existing 3-D model. This should assist artists in spatially laying out their rendering, but is a flexible framework. Artists should elaborate upon and modify the wireframe sketch to include building facades, streetscapes, people, activities, green spaces, and whatever else they feel contributes to a sustainable, equitable,

and resilient downtown.

Artists may submit works in any medium preferred, provided they are able to be submitted digitally (scanned if necessary) and displayed in a physical space. 

These works will be shared via our website and social media channels.

Depending on how things play out pandemic-wise, there may be an

opportunity for displaying these works on-site in a city-as-gallery exhibition.

This would mean the artwork would be displayed on-location with

information about the work, artist, and project.

Four selected artists will be awarded $1000.00 for their submitted works.

•  Artist's name

•  Contact info (phone, email, current city)

•  Portfolio, work sample, or website

•  One paragraph about yourself as an artist

• One paragraph about your understanding of the Highway 61 Project and why you want to be involved

•  One or more photographs documenting an existing  view(s) to be explored

•  A verbal description or sketch depicting your vision for the selected view



Please send your submission package to under the subject "Seeing is Believing" by

January 31st, 2021.

Artists will be notified of their selection by February 12th, 2021.

Final works will need to be submitted by May 31st, 2021. Award money will be distributed upon receipt of art.

Questions may be directed to this email as well.