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The Duluth Waterfront Collective

About Us

Our world is changing, and nowhere is that change more evident than in our cities. Radical shifts are taking place; our climate is changing, technologies are advancing, and “business as usual” solutions are no longer being accepted. As we move into the future, there needs to be a strong vision for where our city is going, and we as a community need to be the ones who determine that vision.


The Duluth Waterfront Collective is an informal organization of planners, designers, thinkers, and more working on a volunteer basis to create a more livable, equitable, and sustainable Duluth. We support 

active community engagement by highlighting ways for people to play a more active role in determining what our city looks like. Most of our efforts are focussed on the downtown waterfront, but we believe in promoting an engaged community city-wide.


There are no formal requirements for getting involved. If you want to contribute to any of our efforts, please reach out below.


Thanks for submitting!

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