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The Vision

Help us spread the word.

Grab our website, hit copy, and paste it wherever you want. Text your friends, throw it on Twitter, send some emails. Also, go follow us at the links below: 

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Encourage local officials to pursue a Reconnecting Communities planning grant.

This is the moment we've been waiting for. In November of 2023, the City of Duluth applied for a Reconnecting Communities Planning Grant with support from MnDOT, the MIC, and the Duluth Waterfront Collective. Thanks to everyone who signed on to our letter. We anticipate a response from the USDOT on our selection at the end of February.

You can learn more about the Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program at

Express your support for this idea to local leaders and transportation officials.

City of Duluth

General Contact:

Metropolitan Interstate Council


District Engineer:

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