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The Vision

Lets Rethink Downtown Duluth's I-35 Corridor

Our Ask

As Interstate 35 runs from Mesaba to Lake Avenue, it travels through a neighborhood in which 32% of residents don’t own a vehicle. It takes up 20% of the land within our downtown while handling less than 50% of the traffic it was built for. This freeway is overbuilt for our city and we should invest in taking a new look at how the corridor can better serve the needs of our community.

There are a few different groups who could mobilize a greater effort to explore these ideas, including the City of Duluth, the Metropolitan Interstate Council, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. We have provided contacts for all three below, please consider reaching out and voicing your support for rethinking Duluth's I-35 corridor.

Provide Comments on the 5th Avenue Bridge

"The goal of this study is to jump start the MnDOT scoping process for a future bridge project on the 5th Avenue West Bridge over I-35. It will start the public engagement process by identifying users and stakeholders within the project area and gathering initial viewpoints on the functionality and shortcomings of the current structure. This study will then identify several possible alternatives based on stakeholder/public input and preliminary engineering and traffic modeling/analysis."


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While petitions don't always receive a response, it is our goal to demonstrate that rethinking downtown Duluth's stretch of I-35 is an idea that has support beyond our organization. Please consider adding your name to our petition below:

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Share Our Website

One of the easiest things you can do to help us is share our concept. The more eyes that can see this, the more support we can gain, the more likely we will be to achieve our goals. Please consider sharing the link www.highway61duluth.com with your friends.

Write To Key Contacts

City of Duluth

General Contact: info@duluthmn.gov

City Council: council@duluthmn.gov

Mayor's Office: ELarson@duluthmn.gov 

Metropolitan Interstate Council

General Contact: https://dsmic.org/contact/