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Let's get the City of Duluth to apply for a Reconnecting Communities Grant!

Please review the following letter and consider signing your name at the bottom.

Duluth City Council

City Hall

411 West 1st Street

Duluth, Minnesota


Subject: Action Needed to Study the Future of I-35 in Downtown Duluth


Dear Members of the Duluth City Council,


We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. We are writing to bring to your attention an important matter regarding the resolution passed by the City Council in 2021, which supported the study of the future of I-35 in downtown Duluth. Regrettably, despite the Council's resolution, no tangible progress has been made in conducting the necessary study by the City, the MIC, or MnDOT.


However, we are pleased to inform you that the USDOT Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program is accepting applications until October of this year. This program offers funding to communities seeking to address the negative impacts caused by disruptive infrastructure such as I-35 in downtown areas. It presents a remarkable chance for Duluth to fulfill the Council's resolution and bring about positive change for our community.


To seize this opportunity effectively, we urge the City to take immediate action and submit an application for the USDOT grant. By securing this funding, we can initiate the comprehensive study needed to understand the future of I-35 in downtown Duluth, including its potential redevelopment and mitigating the adverse effects it has on our community.


To maximize the success of our application, we strongly encourage a collaborative effort among the City, the Duluth Waterfront Collective, the MIC, and/or MnDOT. By joining forces and leveraging our collective expertise, resources, and perspectives, we can submit a compelling and comprehensive proposal that resonates with the USDOT Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program's goals.


It is vital to acknowledge that our community's needs and aspirations should be at the forefront of this study. By examining the potential impacts of I-35 in downtown Duluth and proposing innovative solutions, we can revitalize our city, enhance connectivity, and foster a sustainable and vibrant urban environment for residents and visitors alike.


We kindly request that the Duluth City Council takes immediate action to convene discussions and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to develop a robust application for the USDOT grant. Time is of the essence, and the potential benefits of securing this funding are immense for our city.


Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your dedicated service to the Duluth community. We have faith in your leadership and commitment to making informed decisions that contribute to the betterment of our beloved city.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you require any further information or assistance. We look forward to witnessing the positive transformation that this study can bring to downtown Duluth.



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